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✪ Application - The Games


Name: Alory
Other characters: None

Name: Naoto Shirogane
Fandom: Persona 4 [AU]
Canon point/AU: Post-AU!True End.
Journal: [personal profile] notyoursidekick
PB: Here!
History: OU character info is here! Since this is Skyla's AU (which I'm apping from with her knowledge and her permission!) the basic storyline differences can be found in Adachi's application.

To sum things up a bit in my own words, Naoto’s abilities, skills, and appearance are all the same as they are in the Original Universe. The primary AU differences are who is killed by the murderer, who Izanami’s representatives of Hope, Despair, and Emptiness are, as well as who is on the Investigation team…which actually amounts to a fair amount of change in Naoto’s character development, though not her Persona’s abilities. Because of Adachi’s initial childishness and incompetence and her own strong suspicions regarding the murderer, she gets involved a lot earlier and a lot more deeply, which results in her being the second person to be kidnapped, right after Yukiko.

Aside from joining the Investigation Team earlier, in this AU Naoto presents a much more cold, reserved front, since for a considerable amount of time she sees Adachi as lazy and inept, finding his behaviour as a police officer decidedly lacking in professionalism. At first, she more or less refuses to see him as the group’s leader, and although she demonstrates a measure of respect for Saki since “Konishi-senpai” is older by two years, Naoto is the one who has actual experience solving crimes, so it’s more of a respect in word rather than in deed. Naoto initially struggles with fitting into the group and since Yukiko and Saki are preoccupied with their own issues and Kanji sort-of fails at basic communication whenever Naoto is around because of his crush on her, it’s not until Rise joins up and constantly pulls her into the group that the young detective truly starts to befriend the rest of the Investigation Team, though she remains rather stiff and standoffish around Adachi himself. Adachi’s eventual wake-up call is what changes that, though she’s the last member of the IT to fully accept that he’s truly reformed.

In the end, however, Naoto has grown quite close to the whole group, realizing the value of their friendship and how profoundly she enjoys their companionship, just as she does in the OU. (She even offers Adachi a position as her sidekick, if he ever decides to quit the police force. XD)

Presentation: Perhaps the most obvious thing about the way Naoto presents herself is her desire to be treated as an adult. She’s generally very serious, speaking and dressing formally, intentionally speaking in a deeper and more masculine voice, and carrying herself with poise and a certain amount of pride, as she is the descendant of a long line of famous detectives. She doesn’t goof off or joke around the way most other teenagers do (the type of things she finds amusing would be riddles, clever wordplay, or ironic situations), though she can be quite dry and sarcastic at times especially towards Adachi, at least before he ‘grows up’. As she isn’t the type to “hang out” or engage in immature games or activities, more outgoing fun-seeking types would likely find her to be rather boring and something of a killjoy.

Outwardly, she often seems cool and aloof, typically standing with one hand posted on her hip in a matter-of-fact sort of way. Even after her secret is revealed, she still binds her chest and dresses like a boy, simply because it’s what she’s comfortable with at this point, though originally there was a deeper meaning and actual purpose behind it, which will be covered in the next section of this application. She also seems quite sure of herself, infinitely capable and plainly quite intelligent, especially where her job is concerned. She oftentimes becomes the spokesperson for the group when adults are being addressed, and presents herself as well-spoken and mature, speaking to them as equals. She isn’t afraid to approach people, even those who are much larger and stronger than she is or those who have intimidating appearances or reputations, her steadfast desire to gather all the necessary, pertinent information overriding anything so trivial as bashfulness or fear. She has also demonstrated a willingness to put herself in danger if she determines the rewards are worthwhile; however, she is generally not reckless, and always calculates the risks before acting.

While Naoto has an extremely masculine personality (we see all the other girls--and a few of the boys--on the Investigation Team cry at least once, while she remains quite stoic despite her obvious sadness, and her interests and fashion sense aren’t the least bit girly), she is also very self-conscious of her body. Any situation where she’s forced into overwhelmingly feminine and/or revealing clothing will make her decidedly uncomfortable. In a similar vein, anyone coming on to her or complimenting her as a woman rather than as a detective (or Tribute) has the potential to make her flustered, since it’s not something she’s used to dealing with. However, depending on how obvious the person is about making a pass at her, that sort of thing might simply go right over her head, since she often tends to have trouble with understanding others’ emotions. Due to a rather lonely childhood, she is somewhat socially inept, and can have difficulty “reading the room” in certain situations.

That said, she does have a kind, warm side to her that is mostly reserved for her close friends. She does care about strangers to a certain extent, and would move to protect innocent bystanders in dangerous situations, though if there’s a mystery or a case involved, she has been guilty in the past of focusing only on the case and getting answers, and not on the feelings or emotional plights of the people involved. This is a personal flaw that she has noticed and felt ashamed of, and thus will try not to replicate if possible.

She is also not afraid to stand her ground in a fight, and she can be quite cunning. In the OU, she tricks a police guard away from his post simply by knowing how the police would think and operate, winning his trust without him even realising she’s done so. There’s also a certain level of cold practicality to her way of thinking that hints that she might very well be something of a combat pragmatist if pressed too far. For example, Naoto is the one who points out the extra-large television in Kou Ichijo’s hospital room and then coolly states that “Why, with something like this in the room, this person could escape at any time... Although once he enters...he may find there’s no way out.” Since everyone else has been saying that they have to do something to this criminal who clearly isn’t sorry for what he’s done and who will apparently continue his crazed mission to “save” people, Naoto is not-quite-indirectly proposing that they take care of the (supposed) murderer by giving him a taste of his own medicine and throwing him into the TV, just as he’d done to so many others. And there is a certain, attractive sort of fairness, if not exactly justice, to that course of action, since they know that the law won’t convict him for what he’s done, and any other solution is problematic in many ways; it is a neat, if callous, solution that makes perfect logical sense, and it shows precisely how cold Naoto can be when she’s deeply angered.

However, she does later regret suggesting such a thing, and is relieved that the Investigation Team didn’t let their emotions get the better of them, since they would never have learned the whole truth if they’d simply thrown Kou into the TV, so she does have a strong moral compass and a hunger for truth alongside that desire to see justice done.

Motivations: Inside, Naoto is not quite as confident as she makes herself out to be. Although she’s grown a lot over the past year and learned to accept herself as she is, she still struggles with some things. Initially she’d taken to dressing like a boy because she thought that the only way someone could truly become a respected private detective was to fit the stereotype: a mature, collected adult male. More than anything Naoto wants to be taken seriously, and the gender barrier was, and is, a decidedly difficult one to surmount. This is particularly true in Naoto’s case, since her area of interest is a field where men outnumber women significantly, and being female could be--and often is--seen as a serious disadvantage. All her childhood heroes and role models had been cool, strong men, and in her heart of hearts, that was what she’d wanted to grow up to become: an impossible dream.

Still, impossible or not, that didn’t keep her from at least attempting to be seen as male--and managing it quite successfully at that; however, she eventually comes to realize that all along, she didn’t really want to be a man: she just wants to be accepted as her true self. Nonetheless, a part of her does still worry that even if she accepts herself, others might not, though she’s determined to work as hard as possible to overcome anything that gets in the way of her dream of becoming a true “hard-boiled detective”. That said, here in the Games, she’ll likely try to downplay her feminine traits as much as possible; after all, boys are surely seen as ‘stronger’ and are less-easy targets, so it’s safer to keep up the façade as long as possible.

Naoto has a passion for investigation, and she discovers over the course of her time with Adachi and the others that she truly does want to solve cases to find the truth, not simply for the sake of the Shirogane name. She places a high value on things like Truth and Justice, though on one noted occasion, she initially took the same stance as one of her idols--Sherlock Holmes himself, who once said: “I think that there are certain crimes which the law cannot touch, and which therefore, to some extent, justify private revenge.”

Naoto genuinely enjoys solving mysteries, and she’s exceptionally good at doing so. As any good detective should be, she’s very in control of her emotions the majority of the time; even in high-stress situations, she is quite rational and capable of remembering facts and recalling important details when others would flounder and fail to do so. Therefore, when she’s not in the Arena fighting for her life or being forced to socialize with other tributes and people from the Capitol, she’ll no doubt be doing her utmost to figure out how and why they were brought here, and whether or not there’s any way of returning to their own world.

...And as she typically takes a high moral stance where right and wrong are involved, she would also be decidedly interested in aiding any attempts to overthrow these twisted bastards who force children to kill each other for sport.


Aftermath of a drunk post by Herodachi a.k.a. slight mothering lol BROTIEMZ
Short example of a minor snark-exchange with Seito.
Short shopping trip with Herodachi! Set mid-canon rather than post-canon

It didn’t make any sort of logical sense. By all rights, something like this should be impossible. Of course, killing people by shoving them into another world accessed by television sets was also illogical and supposedly impossible, and yet she had come to accept it as reality.

Naoto Shirogane released a long-held and near-silent breath, briefly closing her eyes and willing herself to be calm and collected. Logical or not, this was her present reality now; she simply had to acknowledge that for now and move on. Questions and the like could be addressed later, once she’d had more time to gather data on her current situation.

Certain things were easily inferable, however. For example, it was highly likely that everyone involved in this “arena death match” would receiving similar treatment and be scored by these Gamemakers. Everyone’s ratings would then be compared, and bets could be placed based on those scores. Also, she had been told that impressing the Gamemakers would help her live, indicating that perhaps there were additional benefits to receiving a higher score. Generally in an arena-fight, there would be benefits to being underestimated, since many would seek to take out high-threat targets first and foremost; however, since the size of the arena, the weapons they would be allowed, and the typical behaviour of the other fighters were all unknown factors, there was no guarantee that such a ruse would be at all effective. She didn’t know enough about the rules--perhaps one would even receive bonus points for the number of opponents slain, in which case a low score would work against her rather than aid her, since the others might see her as an easy kill.

The only thing she knew for certain was what she had been told: she was to be entered in an arena death match, only one person could come out of it alive, and impressing the Gamemakers was a smart move.

...Of course, she had no way of knowing if the people who had given her that information were trustworthy sources. All she had was the word of complete strangers, who might very well be telling her the exact opposite of what was true.

But this was a “game” and as such it had rules. (Rules that could, mayhap, be bent and twisted for her benefit once she had a thorough understanding of them, but rules nonetheless.) For now, she would have to work from the assumption that “impressing the Gamemakers is a smart move” was, in fact, a truthful statement.

...Very well, then. If it proves to be within my power, I shall strive to leave some sort of lasting impact on these Gamemakers.

When she was waved into the room mere moments later, Naoto drew herself up, lifting her chin proudly, and strode into the room with a confidence and collected poise that she didn’t truly feel. Her eyes took in the room at a glance, noting everything from the feast spread out on a cluster of tables with what must surely be some sort of force field protecting its occupants, to the targets standing at the opposite end of the room, to the various weapons spread before her, before settling on the group of people sitting and standing behind those heavily-laden tables. She squared off in front of the centermost table, posting one fist on her hip and addressing the people there directly, despite the fact that they were paying little enough attention to her.

“Greetings. My name is Naoto Shirogane. My occupation: private detective. And I assume that you are the Gamemakers who I was advised to impress.” Her voice was clear and raised, easily overriding the current babble of conversation, full of self-assurance and a ring of authority usually only possessed by those twice her age. Once satisfied that she had their attention, she continued, “While I have no proof that doing so will truly aid my plight, nonetheless it appears to be the most advisable course of action available to me at the present time. And yet, as it would seem that my weapons of choice, various firearms, are not represented in the veritable armory spread before me, there is little I can do in such a controlled setting that is likely to be deemed remarkable by individuals such as yourselves. However...”

Her eyes left the Gamemakers for the first time, rising to pointedly rest on the intricate lighting fixture suspended overhead, far above the humming, flickering glow of the protective wall separating them from her. A wall, she’d noted, not a dome. Raising a hand, she pointed upwards at the base of the fixture: a single metal loop bolted to the ceiling that held the majority of the fixture’s weight.

“...Do be aware that, were I in possession of such a weapon--” She twitched the thumb of her extended hand, miming taking a shot at the lights, then dropped her hand, still held in the shape of a gun, leveling it at the most important-looking Gamemaker, the one in the very middle of everything and everyone. “--I would require no more than a single shot to bring your world crashing down about your ears.”

While she was well aware that she was in no position to make any sort of threat, even the fangless one she’d just made, there was little enough else that Naoto could do without a gun. Any sort of attempt to make use of the available weapons would only work against her; better to do nothing and let a shred of doubt concerning her combat abilities linger than to demonstrate her sore lack of talent and prove just how helpless she was without a pistol in her hand or her Persona at her command.

Grey eyes intense, she pressed a hand to her chest and gave a slight, almost courtly bow. “Thank you for your time and attention. Please, by all means, return to enjoying your repast.”

After briefly fixing each of the Gamemakers with a final, hard look, Naoto turned on her heel and headed for the exit, her head held high and her expression grim.

What is your character scored:
Physically, Naoto isn’t all that strong. She’s literally five-foot-nothing, and has a very slender built as well aside from her bust measurements, apparently. Her weapon of choice is a handgun, though she does let loose with a mighty kick before riddling the enemy with bullets during her Critical Hit follow-up attacks. Even so, her introduction line in Persona 4: Arena is quite accurate: “The body of a child, the brain of a genius!” This is a fitting tagline, because mentally Naoto is very strong. She’s a first-rate detective from a long line of first-rate detectives, and careful analysis and observation are first nature to her. She’s highly intelligent, very clever, and logical to a fault; trying to out-think her probably won’t work out too well for most other Tributes, and perhaps even some of the Gamemakers. In Persona 4: Arena, she’s best used as a long-range fighter, which forces your opponent to come to you, getting hit by your attacks and the traps you’ve laid in the process. In the Games, that will most likely translate to Naoto being the type who wins fights through avoiding direct combat, setting traps, and outsmarting the other Tributes.

In terms of crowd likability…she’d certainly rate quite high. There’s a school beauty pageant/contest in her original canon, and that’s one thing that doesn’t change in the AU. She wins it by a landslide in both the OU and AU stories (with her androgynous, boyish charm, just about ALL the girls voted for her, while the boys’ votes were spread out among the other contestants). While Naoto normally behaves as if she’s quite self-assured, when she’s being rated as a woman she becomes decidedly hesitant, blushing and uncharacteristically uncertain as she tries to address the crowd. She also flat-out refused to go out on the stage in a swimsuit, far too unsure of herself (and still somewhat uncomfortable with letting others see her as a girl) to do such a thing. However, she’d know that “playing the game” is important when you have no choice but to do so; therefore she would make an honest though not over-the-top attempt to impress the Game Makers, though she would do little to hide her displeasure regarding the situation.

That said, since she isn’t physically strong (and since she isn’t allowed the use of guns or her Persona), I would rate her a 7. A gun would push her to an 8 or 9, and Persona use would certainly push it higher, into the 10ish range, but as things are, with simply her considerable wits and determined personality, 7 it is. ✪